Joel Fountain is a multi-talented and diverse musician. Whether playing drums, singing, playing piano, writing and composing, or recording acoustic and electronic sounds, Joel truly appreciates the art of crafting music, and is a deep believer in the sacred power of sound.

As a drummer, Joel has toured the world with trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson, and also played with the "One O'clock Lab Band" while earning his bachelors degree (in jazz arranging - magna cum laude) from the University of North Texas. With the One O'clock band Joel performed with the Brecker Brothers, Tom "bones" Malone, Terry Gibbs, Byron Stripling, and many others. He has also performed and toured as a freelance drummer with a huge variety of musicians and bands in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, and from across the United States. He has played drums on many full length CD's, including releases on Nagelheyer (Lynn Seaton trio) and also Summit (Steve Anderson trio). Please visit the ALBUM PAGE for sound clips and a partial discography. Joel studied drum set with Ed Soph for 4 years, and with Canadian drum teacher Don Reid for 3 years.

As a recording engineer/producer, Joel started out recording his own music at home through his laptop computer, but quickly branched out to recording his friends bands and music projects. He then spent over 2 years working at The Panhandle House recording studios in Denton Texas, first working as an intern, and then as an assistant engineer. At The Panhandle House Joel had the chance to work with some great equipment (including neve consoles, UA and Apogee convertors, Lawson mics, etc) and facilities, and has much experience recording diverse artists and instrumentation's (including his upcoming CD) during collaborations with Texas's own producer/engineer Erik Herbst. While at the panhandle house he also recorded the acclaimed Snarky Puppy CD "The world is getting smaller," and recorded and produced the CD "like water" from Reb Fountain. As an executive producer, Joel formed the indie record label 'SiTMoM records' in 2005 and created a home base to showcase the incredible musical talents of many Texas based jazz acts.

As a composer/singer/songwriter, Joel enjoys crafting simple melodies and song structures. He has a beautiful collection of ballads and pop songs on his new CD Lindsay's Song, and the album showcases Joel's songwriting, keyboard, and vocal talents. Joel has studied singing with Nikolai Kolesnikov in Vancouver, and also Rosana Eckert in Texas. Joel also released a jazz instrumental CD entitled "Saturn Return"(2006), which features some very talented musicians (including Noel Johnston, Paul Tynan, Steve Anderson, Jeff Eckels, Scott Trayer, and Wayne Delano) playing an eclectic collection of original jazz compositions all written by Joel. Joel has also composed/arranged two large ensemble charts that were recorded by the award winning jazz big band, the "One O'clock Lab band" on their CD's 'Lab 2002', and 'Lab 2003.'

As an educator Joel has given both Master classes and guest concerts around the world, some of which were while touring with Maynard Ferguson, and other times as a visiting guest artist at a University or Music College (including Universities in Canada, USA, and New Zealand). Joel's friendly and gentle nature, his music experience, and his ability to clearly convey concepts and respond to student questions make him a very well received educator.

Please email if you require a complete resume. Simply put the word "resume" in the subject line.



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