2 O'clock Lab Band   One O'clcock Lab Band   One O'clcock Lab Band
"The best 2 'O'clock ever!" - Jim Riggs. Ok he always said that, but this was a swinging band. Here is a clip of Boomerang.mp3 and Captain Perfect.mp3   4Dsuite.mp3 is from a great suite composed by Wil Swindler. Featuring Paul Tynan trumpet and David Lown on the Tenor solo.   Here is a track from my Jazz CD called $25 reaction. And just for fun, here is an out-take from the CD featuring a very inspiriing solo by the great Noel Johnston.
Chris Gestrin    
Chris is one of the best musicians, and most creative composers I've ever worked with. Here is Story time and piece 11   Lynn is a super bassist! From his album on Nagelheyer, here is Lynn's solo and my brush solo from Indiana.mp3   Steve and I played for many years in lab bands. he a wonderful pianist and composer. Here are some clips (and my solo's) from T'so Political and Moments of the sublime. And if you want to hear 3 tempo modulations..'em and em's!
Two O'clock Lab Band   UNT Jazz SIngers   Wayne Delano
Another 2 O'clock album. Here is a clip from a cool composition by Steve Anderson. time of the end.mp3 with John Jeanneret on the sax solo, and Noel Johnston on Guitar.This is back when I had my Ayotte drum set. they sound good!   Some really great scat solos on this track by Rosanna Eckert, Brandon Rogers, Norah Jones, and Zach Giffel respectively. cheryl.mp3   I was lucky enough to play with Wayne every week at Terrilis bar and grill in Dallas. He is a great tenor sax player, and a marvelous composer. here is a clip of his composition resignation.mp3
Noel Johnston   Tuxedo junction   Wayne Delano
Here is a clip of from an irish folk song.mp3 with Michael Barton on bass solo   A fun Big Band I used to play with in Dallas. Some clips here   Marla is a very fine singer in Vancouver. Here is a clip from her "debut" album called The Road to home.