Wonderful Summer gigs

Hi all!

I’ve been playing some wonderful gigs around Vancouver. Lots of shows with a relatively new band called THE TICKET. It’s a great group of people and we play private parties and also the casino circuit. I’ve also had many shows with an amazing bunch including Amanda Wood, Hip Pocket, Leslie Mounteney, Michelle and the Creber Family, Chris Gestrin, Jon Roper, Christine Best, Andrea Superstein, Quickness, Sharon Minemoto, & Bruno Hubert.

I’m still doing a fair amount of recording session work, and a number of albums I played on have recently come available (including a wonderful new CD by Lisa Donahey) and also some really fun work @ demitone for the lovely and talented Marysa Taylor. I’ll try to post links to more of these soon.

Here is a picture from a private show I performed for the fireworks night from a rooftop penthouse suite here in Vancouver.

We had a great time, and they wouldn’t let us stop! I was singing a lot of standard jazz material along with drumming which was really fun (and a bit of a nice change from the pop material I sing). It was a long night (over 5 and a half hours!) but was a pretty cool gig.

thanks for stopping by!


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