Drum Tracking

I am now fully set up and available for online or ‘virtual’ drum tracking. Utilizing the high quality studio equipment formerly at Vintage Digital Studios, I will take the time and care needed to craft the perfect drum part for your song.

I have wide variety of of vintage and modern drums sets available (DW, Drummers World (NY), Ludwig, Sonor, Treehouse, Ayotte, Sabian, Zildjian, Istanbul, Bosphorus, and many others) so I can pick the right sounds for your music. I also have a wide selection of shakers and tambourines and auxiliary percussion instruments.

I utilize my unique background as both a drummer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer to give you great sounding drum tracks that fit with your music. I use many of the highest quality microphones from outstanding manufactures such as Gefell, Bock, AKG, BeyerDynamic, Shure, CAD, and many others. These ‘instruments’ allow me to record with the highest sonic fidelity and musicality via a great selection of outboard gear from DAKING, True Systems, ASC, Toft Audio, SPECK, and many others. I then capture that sound using the unsurpassed analog to digital conversion system from the Apogee electronics Symphony I/O. This is then recorded direct into ProTools HD, where it can easily be edited and manipulated in the digital environment.

I will provide you with multiple drum mic options, and can provide any recording format you desire (44-48-88-96khz @ 24 or 32bit). I generally provide WAV files for you to pull into your DAW, but I can also provide you with AIFF or even complete ProTools session files if desired.

Rates are $150 (USD) per song, with a 10% discount for an entire album’s worth of material (done at the same time). This price includes multiple takes and samples sent via email for approval. Percussion parts (shaker, Tambourine etc) are $50 extra per song for ‘basic’ pop percussion parts. More involved percussive parts/sounds for complex scores and pieces (FX, multiple shakers, bells etc) are $80 per song. If you consider the cost to hire a drummer, and then rent a studio plus a separate engineer, this is an extremely affordable solution.

Here are some things to consider:
– A $75 deposit is required before any tracking starts
– Remainder of payment is required before WAV files will be sent (via Dropbox, or the cloud server of your choice)
– I love reference tracks! If you have a certain type of feel, bands, vibe, etc or drum sounds you would like me to try and achieve please include mp3’s of those tracks, and tell me which ones are for sounds and which ones are for vibe/ideas.
– I will send you an Mp3 rough mix of your song, and we go from there. Most people are happy at the first mp3. If you are not happy with the part I will do my best to make you happy! In the unlikely event I can’t make you happy after 2 or 3 more attempts, then I keep the deposit and recommend you to someone else.
– I am great at doing Rock/Jazz/Folk/Pop/Country tunes. I love working with singer/songwriters and crafting the right part for their music.
-If you have a super technical prog-rock/fusion tune or death metal tune I am probably not your guy. But I can recommend you to someone awesome like Matt Thompson from King Diamond, or Steve Pruitt formally with Snarky Puppy!

you can email me with any more questions you have.



3 Responses to Drum Tracking

  1. Mark says:

    Hi..I’m looking for drum tracks to be added to my project ..give me a call . 604 782 3532 Mark

  2. Paul Mackisoc says:

    Hi Joel,
    I saw you play last night at Pats Pub. You are a fantastic drummer. I have been a drummer for 30+ years but only started playing and studying jazz about 7 months ago. I play weekly with local Trombonist Brad Muirhead who is the director of our jazz ensemble. I need a drum instructor to help push me to the next level and guide my progress in jazz playing. I don’t see anywhere on your site that says you teach but I am really hoping you would have some time to give me lessons. I read music and have a solid understanding of theory.
    Please drop me a note and let me know about lessons. I am thinking a 1 hour lesson every 2 weeks would be best. we can do lessons at your place, or a rehearsal studio or my home studio…whatever works for you.
    Let me know your thoughts…
    Thanks very much.
    Paul Mackisoc

  3. cwdjx.com says:

    These drum tracks are truly inspirational and are really helping me to improve my song writing skills.

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