Saturn Return

This is my Jazz CD Saturn Return.


In retrospect as my first album there is much I’d like to do differently compositionally, however the musicians I worked with are so great they really made the music come to life. When I listen now I thankfully think “Hey, that’s a pretty good album!”. 🙂

Here is some details I wrote for the CD baby page.

“Armed with a band of world class jazz musicians, Joel Fountain’s first album release “saturn return” is an eclectic mix of heartfelt instrumental compositions. The band is comprised of Paul Tynan on trumpet, Jeff Eckels on Bass, Wayne Delano on Saxophones, Steve Anderson on piano, Noel Johnston on Guitar, Scott Trayer on bass, and Joel Fountain on drums. All of these musicians are former members of the famed “One O’clock Lab Band.” and each are exceptional jazz musicians who perform and teach worldwide.”

I also describe ‘saturn return’ as “modern jazz meets new age,” as while the musicians are all fine jazz performers, the compositions and the music do not follow standard jazz procedure; It allows for longer song structures and expanded improvisatory sections, and ‘saturn return’ allows excellent space for fantastic guitar work by Noel Johnston and beautiful extended piano solos by Steve Anderson. Given the somewhat romantic song forms, “Saturn Return” is both subtle and powerful, and draws much influence and comparison to the ECM works of the 70’s and 80’s. Justin Litun of IAJE Canada said in his review; “this is a fine album from start to finish.”

Here are some audio samples.

If you’d like to purchase a CD from CD baby you are welcome to, however at this point I’m also very happy to give the music away for free as I have many copies. Please use the Contact Form and send me a message with your address and say FREE SATURN RETURN CD PLEASE. 🙂