Canucks Madness and Joe’s Apartment

Well, as I am slowly updating this website  I should take a moment to tell you the news. I play every Friday and Saturday night with the house band at a cool club in Vancouver called Joe’s Apartment. It’s a super fun gig and we play all sort of tunes by Phoenix, MGMT, White Stripes, Artic Monkeys, Muse,The Killers etc etc. You can catch us every weekend from 11pm- 2am (or so) and it’s usually packed in there with people. It’s a great chance for me to play and sing some fun music with some really fun guys.

However, I’m not much of a party person, and it’s taken me a while to get used to every weekend being in the club crowds downtown. I do love people and I like socializing in limited quantities, but my preferred day is lots of time spent alone working on projects or practicing or exercising or eating or anything as long as it includes generous helpings of solitude. But since we started the gig last year I am getting more used to the confines of the club and the crowds.

Last night however, was game 2 of the Stanley cup finals. Now Don’t get me wrong,  I quite like the hockey, but it was all a little too intense. The streets were JAM PACKED with revelers honking and screaming and shouting and waving. On granville street where Joe’s apartment is you could barely walk down the street. It was insane. You’d think we had found a solution to climate change or that a viable alternative fuel source has been discovered. But no, the Vancovuer Canucks won game 2 (GAME 2!) of the Final playoffs. There are still 2 (or more) games to go. By the time I left the club at 3am Granville street looked like a garbage dump, trash everywhere and all sorts of junk littering the streets. Honestly I’m scared to see what happens when the Canucks win!

IT does make me sad a bit though. I wish we all got as excited about World Peace or homelessness, uknow?

Go Canucks Go!!!


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