Album is (almost) here baby!

Lots of Cool stuff is happening. Slowly updating my website. looking forward to my new CD arriving. I’m really enjoying my weekend gig at Joe’s Apartment every Fri/Sat and I’ve been getting to sing a lot, which I LOVE. I also seem to be getting quite a lot of work drumming for other people and recording. This month an album I played on by “Definitely Diva” is coming out. It features myself and Miles Black and Tim Stacey in the Rhythm section, along with the Diva’s and Doug Naugler working the board. We recorded the Bulk of it at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver which was fun. Mushroom studios is one of the older studios in Vancouver and is rare in the fact that it was built from the ground up as a studio (not converted from a former structure). It also happens to have had a lot of great albums recorded there. Even Led Zeppelin did some tracks there!

My own studio has been busy and I’ve been doing more online drum tracking for people as well. I just need to get a few more elements in place and I will start to advertise the place. As it is right now all of it is word of mouth which is great. But I have a nice set up and as soon as I do a bit more adjustments and finish a new website for it I’ll definitely let you know. I’m really proud of the sounds I’m getting and I think it puts a lot of the bigger studios to shame (IMHO), at least in the acoustic music dept. I really love acoustic sounds so I work hard to capture that.

Summer is Busy Too. I have a bunch more gigs locally and at Festivals with Headwater as well, so I will keep you posted via TwitBookspace.



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