Album is HERE baby!

OK, so after an incredible wait my CD is finally here in my hands! It’s a pretty big deal. For me at least.Ā  You can listen to samples of all the tracks for free right here on this page! Or if you like you can go here right now and check it out and you can listen to full length songs and Buy the CD. Just promise me if you listen to a song ALL the way through you will buy it. šŸ™‚ Or even better, buy the whole CD, simply because It was really designed as a total work to be listened to all the way through. All the tracks ‘crossfade’ into each other, so if you just buy just one song you will hear the intro/outro of the previous/next song. Sorry, but this is how it is, and how I like it. šŸ™‚ Also, the CD looks flipping amazing! Better than I ever could have imagined. The pictures were taken by the wonderful Laurence Winram and they look ridiculously good and you NEED to see them printed on the CD. In fact I hope to get some t-shirts soon with the print as I love it so much. Ok just to clarify, I don’t only love it because it’s me standing there on a beach in Scotland in a suit holding a cool archaic looking megaphone, it’s just a great photo that he made using an improvised tilt/shift lense, which is basically a lense that he used duct tape to attach to the camera so he could freely manipulate the angle of focus.

Check it out! Do it now! Do it!

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